Product Review: Dagne Dover

Product Review: Dagne Dover

August 17, 2016 Product Review 0

Sometimes people ask me if I ever get tired of designing non-tangible products and the answer is yeah – yeah, I do. I’ve had the opportunity to work on one physical product in my career [so far] and it was usability testing a curling iron prototype [which started smoking in my participant’s hair – but that’s an over-cocktails story]. Just because I don’t design physical products doesn’t mean that I don’t have total fangirl appreciation for some of the products I use every day.

Take my Dagne Dover bags for example. My best friend introduced me to them a summer or two ago and I immediately fell in love. They’re stylish bags in awesome colors and they speak to my OCD hyper-organized heart. My first purchase was the 13” Tote. Those of y’all ladies with MacBook Airs, rejoice! This bag will easily fit your laptop without making it very obvious you’re carrying around a $1000 computer.

This bag has totally changed my life. I realize how silly that sounds, especially to men reading this post. I know you’re thinking “how the hell can a purse be life changing?” read on, my friends. As a seasoned UXer, I’ve always got a ton of crap I’m carrying with me. I’ve got at least one pen, one Sharpie, one pad of Post-Its, one notebook, a water bottle [I live in Atlanta, y’all] almost always. Not to mention that I also carry the usual chick stuff – my iPhone, my wallet with a zillion cards, three lipsticks, chapstick, brush, dental floss and Altoids. This purse has designated areas for ALL of these items, which makes retrieving them a snap.

I admit, I was a long time perpetrator of what Dagne Dover lovingly calls “the two bag schlep.” I carried my purse with me everywhere, but if I had anything else to do after work, I also carried my Longchamp [the ultimate carry all the things bag]. I loved my Longchamp, but whenever my phone rang, I missed the call because I spent the entire ring pulling things out of my bag digging toward the sound. With my new bag, when my phone rings I can quickly grab it, without even looking! Another city dweller feature I love – the bag has tiny feet on the bottom of it so if I set it down somewhere questionable I’m not sitting the bag in blue goo or some sketchy looking wet spot. And, bonus[!], it’s waterproof! No more running through the rain trying to rescue my expensive bag by death gripping it into my chest or pulling it inside my coat. Another hidden feature is the slim interior side pocket; it’s just wide enough to fit the card case. This is great for those who have Metrocards [or Breeze cards] that they need easy access to frequently. You don’t have to get the card out of your phone case or dig through your wallet to get it, it’s truly very thoughtfully designed.

I’m also the proud owner of the 15” Tote which I use almost exclusively as my Boss Lady Bag. When I’m onsite at gig, I’m carrying this with me because I’ve got my laptop, client notebook, any workshop materials I may need, chargers and dongles galore in addition to all of that other stuff I already mentioned. This bag can get a little heavy, but my professional style doesn’t get thrown out the window because I’m carrying a beat up backpack with all my supplies in addition to a purse.

It doesn’t matter if I’m pushing my cart through Publix, attending a Ladies that UX meetup or catching up with a friend at the bar – everyone loves these bags. They’re versatile, so they go with my daily uniform, a t-shirt, blazer and jeans, to the more edgy out on the town get ups. I’ve definitely found my new favorite brand and I hope you’re willing to give them a try too!

Just so that y’all know, I’m not in any way affiliated with the bright women and team at Dagne Dover. I’m not getting anything in return for this post, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed they see this and send me a prototype of a new clutch wallet or something. For usability testing purposes only, of course! 🙂

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